Injector tester, electronic measuring system without test bench!
DELPHI - DENSO - BOSCH - VDO Injector Test Without Test Bench.
                                                                                           our first Environment and Time-saving model can be ordered ...
Main characteristics:
BOSCH-DELPHI-SIEMENS-DENSO Injector (also Piezo injectors!)
Injector Control 10 -2500 µs
1 simultaneous testing and documentation of injectors.
Injector power consumption display during operation
Injector database preinstalled on the control computer
Without digital flow measurement, electrohydrar measurements
Connections, cables for all types
Measurement of DELPHI, BOSCH, DENSO, VDO features
PC control, LINUX - DEXTER operating system
Print and save function.
The DEXTER program can be used without a license, free upgrade!
the device includes adapters for measuring the basic injectors!

Electrohydraulic injector tester and reapair technology
Our first time-saving model in stock ...