Injector tester, electronic measuring system without test bench!
DELPHI - DENSO - BOSCH - VDO Injector Test Without Test Bench.
                                                                                           our first Environment and Time-saving model can be ordered ...
Main characteristics:
BOSCH-DELPHI-SIEMENS-DENSO Injector (also Piezo injectors!)
Injector Control 10 -2500 µs
1 simultaneous testing and documentation of injectors.
Injector power consumption display during operation
Injector database preinstalled on the control computer
Without digital flow measurement, electrohydrar measurements
Connections, cables for all types
Measurement of DELPHI, BOSCH, DENSO, VDO features
PC control, LINUX - DEXTER operating system
Print and save function.
The DEXTER program can be used without a license, free upgrade!
the device includes adapters for measuring the basic injectors!

Electrohydraulic injector tester and reapair technology
Our first time-saving model in stock ...

DEXTER is a new tool (add-on) for anyone who has a full-fledged test bench. This tool is designed for quick testing and assembly of injection nozzles.
DEXTER already has a computer, can connect to the internet, can connect a printer and other expansion devices.
The tool can of course be used to test mechanical nozzles. The device has a large database (more than 10 000) of opening pressures.
It is possible to test common rail injectors, including piezo:
In addition to setting any signal, you can also check the nozzles:
Radiograph test
Pressure at the opening
Pressure drop time, measurement. Measurement of gap loss
Body short circuit test
Only one signal can be entered to measure the electrical stroke of the armature. (AHE) In the program you can see the dimensions of the nozzle assembly (step 3).
You can print the test results and save them in your database.
You can combine the tested injectors into one report (up to 6).
DEXTER capabilities
Inspection of mechanical and common rail injectors.
2. Check injector leakage and opening pressure.
3. Measure injector resistance, capacitance and inductance.
4. Test electromagnetic and piezo injectors
5. Leak test (fracture) on the housing.
6. Spray pattern test
You can set any signal (voltage, currents, pulse width, frequency).
1. Database of Bosch CR injector geometric dimensions (AH, AHE, DNH, RLS).
2. opening pressure database (more than 10.000 article numbers).
3. Generation and printing of reports.
4. Combines many tools in one.
5. No additional computer required.
6. Possibility to connect additional devices.
7. Activation control via touch screen.
8. Compact.
9. Easy to use.
10. Visual display of nozzle pressure and current graph.
11. The kit already includes a cable set for connecting Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens injectors and an adapter with pressure sensor.
12. Possibility of updating the software via the Internet