DDBx1 / DDBx1 AirCO / DDBx1 PRO


injector coding and test bench

Uniquely designed Common Rail Injector bench. The bench is structurally designed to provide the best service as easily as possible. Several built-in filters ensure that the test fluid is kept clean. A highly controllable cooling-heating system has been placed in the bench to keep the temperature of the liquid within +1 ° C. The DELTA instrument is used to test and control the injector. It is possible to measure and encode one injector at the same time, where the user can choose the test mode himself. You can choose between manual, database, automatic or encoding modes.


BOSCH IMA, BOSCH Piezzo, IMA, ISA coding

DELPHI C2i, C3i, C4i


SIEMENS / VDO Cii injectors in the program.

The operation is completely automatic and fast.

Automatic Measurement: The simplest way to inject injectors. It works by database. There is no other choice than to choose the type of injector and the bench will test the injector at every work point. You can save or print the measurement results.
Database Measurement: You select the correct injector number and the machine loads the test points. Then you need to manually select and then test in the desired order.
Manual Mode: The user can choose the measurement parameters himself to test the injector. There is also a possibility to set a "TARGET" measurement, and coding.


Main characteristics:

  • BOSCH-DELPHI-SIEMENS-DENSO-CATERPILAR Injector (also Piezo injectors!)
  • Injector control 10-2500 µs
  • unique cooling system for SPIDER
  •  1 simultaneous injectors, coding
  • Injector power consumption display during operation
  • Injector database preinstalled on the control computer
  • Digital flow measurement
  • Connections, cables for all types
  • DELPHI, BOSCH, DENSO, SIEMENS/ VDO coding, with chart.
  • PC control, LINUX - DELTA operating system
The DELTA program License is optional: 100, 200 business days!
DDBx1 includes adapters for measuring the basic injectors with HP pipes and more... !!!